How to Use Text to Landline for Effective Communication with Customers?

Communication is an important part of business and most common modes of communication are email and telephone. However, both of these modes of communication are not that effective. The open rate and response rate of emails are too low. On the other hand, the clients either ignore calls or get irritated as it interrupts them. The solution is, use the most viable mode of communication, called, Texting. The Text to landline is a powerful way to communicate with your customer without disturbing them.

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Let’s see how you can use text to landline aka landline texting for different types of business communication.

Build Rapport and Trust

Use occasional texting via text to landline to build a rapport with your customers. Pass important alerts and notifications by an SMS. Be cautious and don’t overuse it. The wise use of texting can help you gain the trust of your customers.

Send reminders

We all tend to forget things in a busy schedule. Here, you can send a short reminder text to your clients. It can be a scheduled appointment, due invoice or anything else. All you need to do is send a personalized text via landline texting.

Send crux

Some conversations are lengthy and can’t be done via SMS. You have to send an email with the required details and documents. You can send a small summary and urgency of email via text. As SMS gets read within 2 to 3 minutes, the client will read it and understand the importance and priority of email and can take required action.

Send text before call

If you need to call to discuss about something, you can send an SMS to see the availability of the person. The text to landline can be used to take time from the client to make a call. Your SMS should include details of the time of the call along with required details.

Use MMS at its best

Many landline texting service providers support MMS. To get snapshots, documents, etc. you and your clients can use text to landline’s MMS feature. This will make communication fast and convenient.

These are top 5 different utilities of text to landline for different types of business communication.

If you want to explore more details about landline texting for business, call / text 1.800.797.3167 or visit You can also book a risk free trial of text to landline for your business.


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