Landline Texting Innovative Features: Mobile2Mobile and Email2Mobile

Landline texting, itself, is an innovative business communication solution. There are many companies that have been using landline texting for business so they can use the full potential of their landline and / or toll free number. The landline texting service providers offer a wide range of features to their clients that can be accessed via a web based user panel, namely, text to landline solution or a mobile app. These features assure that all SMS and MMS sent over the business landline are accessible to the business representatives from anywhere, at any time. In simple words, it gives remote access to your landline texting messages. Unlike landline calls, you don’t need to sit besides your landline device to receive and respond the messages sent to a landline.

The text to landline solution already has these features and the innovative landline texting service provider, Text My Main Number, has launched two new amazing features to provide even more viable texting experience.

  1. Email2Mobile
  2. Mobile2Mobile

Let’s have a quick understanding of these two features offered as part of the monthly landline texting service.

  1. Email2Mobile

Text My Main Number allows you to set your email address in the text to landline solution so you can receive all SMS and MMS sent over your landline to your inbox. This is not it! This is a two way function. It means you can also respond to this SMS which will be delivered as a Text Message sent from your text-enabled landline to the recipient. You can also send a new SMS to your clients, staff and vendors with this email2mobile feature. The message will be reflected with your landline number and the recipient will never get to know that you have used your email for texting. Isn’t it great to have the flexibility of your favorite email client and brand benefits of landline texting!


  1. Mobile2Mobile

If you love your own SMS app you have in your Smartphone, the landline texting offered by Text My Main Number allows you to use that professionally. You can set a mobile number in the text to landline solution so each message sent to your landline will be delivered to your mobile as an SMS as well. You can respond to this SMS from your mobile’s SMS app. The beauty is your recipient will never get exposed to your personal mobile number. He will see your landline number. This will provide all brand benefits of landline texting as well as help you enjoy work life balance by not exposing your private number.

Both of these features are bidirectional and easy to use. All you need to do is follow simple steps to set your email address or mobile number to use these features in text to landline solution provided by the Text My Main Number. You can use both of them together as well. It means receive the messages on both, mobile and email, if you want. You can add / remove / edit the mobile number and email address any time you want to. You can also use enable / disable to use this feature as and when needed. To use these features, no additional app access or settings needed.

Text My Main Number offers a free demo and a risk free trial for its prospects. Call / Text 1.800.797.3167 to book a demo and explore these and all other advanced text to landline features. You can also email:


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