Top 10 Facts USA Business Owners Must Know About Landline Texting

Landline texting is paving its way as a focal mode of communication in US businesses. This is an amazing communication solution which allows businesses to send and receive text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) over landline number. It bestows many benefits to the users of SMS to Landline solution. Still, there are many business owners and individual professionals who hesitate to use this solution. This article shares top 10 facts which are extracted by AT&T by surveying more than 900 responders. You must have a look at these interesting and important facts:

  1. 92% U.S. adults carry text-enabled mobile phones
  2. 98% Smartphone owners use text messages on a regular basis
  3. 300% growth of business texting traffic volume is registered in the past year
  4. 29% consumers don’t listen to voicemails
  5. 85% customers prefer to receive a text message over a voice call or email
  6. 75% companies found they connected with customers more effectively after text-enabling their business lines
  7. In 2004, 7.5 million text messages were sent
  8. 94%respondents said they would recommend the landline texting service to a friend or colleague.
  9. 97% customers of landline texting service users found that communications were more efficient overall
  10. 14% companies communicate regularly with customers over text

Yes, as you can sense the landline texting is at peak and most of the businesses have started knowing its worth and using it in their businesses. If you’re not one of them, then this is the time to get into action. You may even try a risk free 30 day free trial of landline texting solution offered by Text My Main Number. It offers unlimited texting over a landline number or toll free number, without sharing any credit card or payment details. Want to learn more? Call/Text on 1.800.797.3167. Alternatively, drop an email to or visit


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