How Text My Main Number Benefits Automobile Industry?

Text My Main Number is a landline texting service provider in the USA. It is known as #1 business messaging service provider and offers its services to different companies in the USA. One of the industries getting benefited with their services is Automobile center.

The Garage, Car and other automobile vehicle repair centers and Automobile centers are using the landline texting services of Text My Main Number. There are many benefits of this landline texting service for Automobile. Some of them are listed below:

  • Add the convenience of texting and SMS to the business without sharing the individual cell phone numbers.
  • The landline number is easily available in directories and other material, the customers can text them to get required answers
  • Automobile centers can send the automated SMS to customers about the upcoming vehicle service date, invoice and more
  • The garage can send an automated message for the vehicle repair status
  • Bulk messages can be sent to customers for various purposes
  • Keep staff available for other tasks and operations instead of getting stuck on answering the same questions over call
  • And more

The Automobile centers, garages and vehicle repair centers, which are using the landline texting service of the company has shared that they have registered increased customer and staff satisfaction which have positively affected the business and revenues.

Having questions? Drop an email to or visit Alternatively, Call or text on 1.800.797.3167.


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