Why You Should Opt for Landline Texting Service?

The Landline texting service allows you to receive an SMS or MMS to your office landline number. Also, you can respond back to this text message or picture message from your landline number. This innovative business communication solution is making a buzz in the industry.

This article share top 15 reasons to opt for the landline texting service:

  1. It costs less than denim jeans. The package starts at 25 USD/Month
  2. No long term contracts lock-in. You may subscribe on a monthly basis
  3. It doesn’t require any additional cost of making any changes in landline device or telephone line as you don’t need to make any changes in anything to use this service
  4. 30 Days free trial to experience the service on your own
  5. No credit card or payment gateway details required to register for free trial
  6. Free demo, walkthrough of the system so you may ensure the best use of each feature
  7. Prompt customer support
  8. You can send/receive SMS from/to landline number which will make you one of the early adopters of this technology to gain Brand Benefits
  9. You can receive and respond SMS even when you are not besides your landline. It means manage SMS to landline from remote location
  10. Keep personal and professional SMS separate by receiving the business messages over landline number. This further helps in quick and easy tracking along with better work life balance
  11. Automate communication by setting auto reply and ITR features so you and your staff can work on other tasks while communication is taken care of
  12. Increased customer satisfaction with prompt response and no call hold time
  13. Increased productivity of staff
  14. Increased business and revenues
  15. Increased happiness ratio

If interested in knowing more, explore this Blog http://textmymainnumber.com/top-30-business-benefits-of-landline-texting-solution/ which hares top 30 benefits of Landline Texting Service.

To subscribe for free trial or to know more about this service and solution, visit http://textmymainnumber.com/


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