How To Use SMS To Landline Service? Step by Step Guide

SMS To Landline service is one of the advanced business texting services one may use. It allows you to send and receive text messages aka SMS to and from a landline number or a toll free number. A few business texting solution also allows sending picture message aka MMS. However, many people have the question, how one may use this SMS to Landline service for their company or business. This article will share a how to guide for using the landline texting service.

Steps for text enabling landline number to use SMS to Landline solution:

  1. Contact local business texting service provider, such as Text My Main Number to send a request for text enabling your landline number. This would require you to fill in a simple form to give them authorization to text enable your phone
  2. Once the formality is complete, within 24-48 hours, the phone will be enabled for 2-way communication
  3. You will receive a kit from the service provider which may include the system access URL, credentials, user manual and other resources
  4. You can use the credentials to log into the system

Each incoming SMS over landline will be received on this web based user panel. Also, you can send SMS from here. There are many more features, the SMS to Landline solution offers. Please refer to learn about top 30 features of the landline texting solution.

Please be advised you don’t need to make any changes on your premises or in your landline device. Also, you don’t need to download anything. This is a simple system which can be used from anywhere.

You may also use free trial offered by many companies to get an idea of this amazing communication solution. To know more about the landline texting solution, visit


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