Why Landline Texting Solution Is Better Than Live Chat Module?

We all understand the importance of communication in business. Thus, we offer different modes of communication to our customers such as hotline number, live chat, etc. The landline texting solution is one of the best business communication solutions. In fact, it works better than a live chat module/widget. Are you wondering how? Let me explain.

In real time chat module, you have to ensure one of your executive stays available to respond to customers or prospects in real time else it is useless to have chat widget on the website. Also, the customer or prospect has to make sure he stays available with a specific time slot to discuss his concerns or queries. Here, the landline texting solution provides a greater level of flexibility to both business and the customer.

Your customer may send an email to your landline number and then may get busy with his routine in spite of staring at the chat window to get a response from your executive and chat with him. You will receive a notification of the SMS sent by your customer to your main line number. You can set an auto reply to provide acknowledgment or send a custom text message to answer his query. The customer will instantly receive the SMS, just as he would any other SMS. He may respond at his convenience.

In a nutshell, when you use landline texting aka SMS to Landline solution over online chat, you and your customers, both, don’t need to stay on top of the chat. You can enjoy the flexibility of SMS. More specifically, this increased the customer satisfaction by 73%.

There are many more benefits available of the landline texting solution, to know more about those, please check this article: http://textmymainnumber.com/top-30-business-benefits-of-landline-texting-solution/

To get a free trial of the landline texting service, please drop an email to info@textmymainnumber.com


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